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We're boot-strapping. Building something new.

Storytelling and community-building with love and rigor

We’re a media company. A technology company. A community. Founded by Wilneida Negrón.

We’re building something new. Something that may completely fail. But something that we’ll be proud of telling our grandchildren and other descendants who come after us.
Join us!

Thankfully, I learned how to bootstrap firsthand from my serial entrepreneur father who founded everything from a gas station, pizzeria, and die press factory to an accounting services consultancy, often with just $20 in his name.

That's not to say that building something new is still scary. We will cry. We will laugh. We will fail. And we may even win. Most importantly, we hope to put a crack in the news and media system we're currently in. Help to tell stories about the complexity of the human experience. And bring as many as you as possible along on this journey.

If Adam Neumann can start a mysterious company and raise $350 million,
I can too 🙂

Wilneida NegrónFounder
Guess What?